LUND – Vipassana Town Retreat 10 - 11 NOVEMBER 2018

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A two days town retreat with intensive practice of insight meditation (Vipassana bhavana) and lovingkindness meditation (Metta bhavana) rooted in the tradition of Theravada Buddhism. Arranged by Northern Light Vipassana Society with a daily schedule of sitting, walking and eating meditations. Addressing beginners as well as experienced meditators.

The retreat is conducted by the Danish Vipassana teacher Uffe Damborg, teaching in the line of Mahasi Sayadaw and Anagarika Munindra.

Teaching language: English.

A Town Retreat means that in just two days we do everything you will do on a longer classical Vipassana retreat whether in the East or in the West – we do sitting meditation alternating with walking meditation and at meal times we do eating meditation. And we observe silence except in relation to the teacher. But you are only at the retreat site in the daytime, you sleep at home.

Vipassana, Insight meditation, is the practice of the Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddha’s Teaching. It implies the methodical development of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

All the various mindfulness practices that have flourished in the West since the end of the last century originate in the Buddha’s Teaching on mindfulness.


Saturday November 10, 9.30-21.00 and Sunday November 11, 9.30-18.00. You oblige yourself to participate in the full length of the retreat.

 Where ?

The town retreat takes place at Raja Yoga, Paradisgatan 1, Lund. It is easily accessible by public transportation.  There is space for approximately 25-30 participants. Chairs and cushions for sitting meditation are available. As this is a town retreat you spend the night at home.

Raja Yoga retreatplace and next door restaurant Yoga Bar, Paradisgatan 1, Lund, Sweden


Meditation room


Retreat cooks and restaurant owners

Vegan food is served

For body and soul

Map from train station in Lund to retreat place Paradisgatan 1

The Teacher

Uffe Damborg (1944-) studied from 1968 to 1975 with renowned Vipassana teacher Anagarika Munindra in Bodh Gaya who today rightly is regarded as one the grandfathers of the mindfulness movement in the West. Uffe also spent some years in meditation monasteries in Sri Lanka. He is a psychologist, cognitive psychotherapist and secular mindfulness teacher as well as a Vipassana teacher trained by Anagarika Munindra in the Theravada tradition. He is teaching on a regular basis at longer vipassana retreats in Denmark.

There are several videos on YouTube in English and Danish with Dharma talks by Uffe. His 9- days retreats are recognized as qualifying for the MBSR training program of mindfulness teachers both by the Center of Mindfulness at the University of Aarhus in Denmark and by the Center at University of Mass. USA.

Retreat Fees

For 3 meals (vegetarian), coffee and tea ad libitum and your contribution to the house rent the retreat fee is SEK 900,- per person.


When you register you are kindly requested to pay a deposit of SEK 500,

No part of the fee will be refunded if you cancel. However, you may transfer your registration at any time to another person without charge.

Mail your registration to:

A few scholarships are available and can be applied for by students or other persons with no or very small income. However, applicants themselves are expected to pay the amount of the deposit.

The Principle of Dana


The retreat is strictly a non-profit arrangement, and the abovementioned prices only include the expenses of all meals and other expenditures.

The retreat fee does not include any teaching fee. The retreat is being held according to the principle of dana (generosity) in the retreat tradition of Theravada Buddhism. This means that at the end of the retreat there is an opportunity for you to offer a contribution to the teacher. It is traditional to determine for ourselves the amount that is right for us to give anonymously in accordance with our appreciation of the teaching and our means.


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1. DAY.

9.30 Introduction, instruction and first sitting meditation.

10.30 Walking meditation.

11.00 Instruction and sitting meditation.

12.00 Lunch. Eating meditation.

12.45 Walking meditation.

13.15-1800 Sitting and walking meditations. Including coffee & tea breaks.

18.00-19.00 Dinner. Eating meditation.

19.00 Walking meditation

19.00 Dharma talk. A lecture on Buddhist psychology.

20.00- 21.00 Walking and sitting meditation. Coffee & tea

2. DAY

9.30 –12.oo Sitting and walking meditations. Coffee & tea breaks.

12.00 Lunch. Eating meditation.

12.45-16.15 Walking and sitting meditations.

16.45 Coffee and tea. End of observance of silence.

17.00- 18.00 Dharma talk on how to get meditation in to your everyday life.


The program may be subject to alteration.




It is expected that retreatants follow this official schedule. However, you may substitute a walking meditation with your own program of physical spiritual excercises like yoga, qigong or tai chi, but no such exercises are taught at the retreat.

In any case, the schedule of sitting meditations should be strictly adhered to.

Between meditations throughout the retreat coffee and tea are freely available.  

It is recommended that mobile phones and other electronic equipments are turned off throughout the retreat.